City of Bones: Fashion Hunter

City of Bones: Fashion Hunter teen fashion blog
City of Bones: Fashion Hunter by teen fashion blog featuring a chain necklace
I don’t know what it is, but after I finish a good book I always feel like I have gotten off a roller coaster. Good books make me smile at certain parts and then drop me into a pool of my own tears. I will admit that I cried after reading a few parts in these books, but I like how the author can play with the reader’s emotions where it triggers the tears. City of Bones was definitely one of those books that caused me to go on an emotional ride although I guess the emotional ups and downs are pretty normal for a teenager.
The main character is Clary Fray a teenager that has to get her mom back from being kidnapped by Valentine. She later meets Jace, Alec, Isabelle, and Hodge who are shadow hunters, people who hunt down demons but are not seen by mortals/mundanes. The shadow hunters then help Clary save her mother from the grasp of Valentine, but this will not be any ordinary demon slaying they have done before. I liked the series because I thought the idea of shadow hunters that use runes to slay demons was pretty cool to imagine. Runes are a type of tattoos that shadow hunters put on their bodies that can give them either temporary or permanent powers. There are a lot of twists and surprises throughout all the books. The love triangle is of course a cliché but the demon butt-kicking makes up for it. All love triangles are the same thing, it kind of upsets me how the person in between is always playing with the lovers’ emotions thinking one may have a chance, when we all know whom the person will choose. Another thing that disappointed me was how the casting director in the movie chose, in my opinion, an ugly guy (Jamie Campbell Bower) to play Jace Wayland. I feel like Alex Pettyfer would have been an amazing fit for the role. Definitely cuter! Who do you think would have been a better Jace Wayland?

2 thoughts on “City of Bones: Fashion Hunter

  1. I love the outfit!! 😀 (it being based on my favorite book series helps too ;)) I literally just pre-ordered Book #6 :)! Alex Pettyfer would have been amazing…if only he hadn’t turned down the role…

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