A Teen’s Colorful Winter Outfit

teen colorful winter outfit teen fashion blog

teen colorful winter outfit teen fashion blog

I can see already that I’m going to have to get super organized if I want to be able to do my daily fashion blog posts. I started Honors Biology this semester and so far the teacher is giving signals of a super heavy agenda which translates into lots of work for me. I guess having to miss days due to my braces appointments doesn’t really help me either. On the bright side, I don’t have physical education this semester so I’m not going to be another teen brat and sit here and complain.

I do like the braces appointments. I don’t like sitting in a chair and having people put their hands in my mouth but I do enjoy going shopping with my mom afterwards. The orthodontist is really close to one of the area’s largest malls so every time we go there we make sure to do some window shopping and of course hit the clearance and sales racks.

I wore this outfit to go shopping and out to dinner with my oldest sister. We took her out to get her a present and to celebrate her 21st birthday. We knew we want it to get her some clothes but my mom is very particular about gifting people clothes. She says that gifting people clothes is difficult because you never know how a piece is truly going to fit or look, so we decided to take her out shopping. My mom never misses an opportunity to go shopping. We attacked the racks as soon as we got to the store and covered my sister in clothes to try on. We then sat back and enjoyed the fashion show. I don’t think she enjoyed that part very much but we sure did. I guess you have figured out by now that I love mixing colors and patterns. I know it is a very bright outfit for winter, but again I don’t really care about those “rules” or any fashion “rules” for that matter. There is enough gray and brown everywhere during the winter for me to dress with those colors as well. Do you follow any strict fashion rules?

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