Rocking the Brights

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Rocking the Brights by teen fashion blog featuring Rebecca Minkoff

My parents always tell me that the 80’s were their best years. I don’t understand how those years could be their best if iPhones and social media didn’t exist. I have learned more about the past decades and I have to admit, there are a few things that do make the 80’s unique. I like listening to 80’s rock in the car with my dad, he is usually jamming out to Aerosmith or Bon Jovi. When I watch shows or movies on TV where the time period takes place in the 80’s, I take note of what the characters are wearing and I compare it to what we wear now. I have noticed that we have brought back neon and still trying to keep the trend lasting with the use of neon accessories to give our outfits a boost. This outfit reminded me of something that Carrie Bradshaw would wear on the CW show Carrie Diaries. Yes, another teenage show. Like in most of my outfits, I play with pattern and color combos to make them stand out more. For the accessories, I kept them all different colors to make the outfit visually interesting. As I was researching the 80’s for this post, I also found slang that was used back then and all I can say is: “Really, people? Rad?” I have to admit “kill’em” doesn’t sound all that amazing, but for some reason it is easier to process than “rad”. So what slang do you or your local area use? I know at my school “kill’em” or “got’em” are commonly used by my classmates.

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