Long May She Reign

Reign OOTD teen fashion blogI’m not sure if you guys watch the show Reign that airs on the CW channel, but the outfits are to die for and the boys are twice as cute. The show follows a teenage Mary Queen of Scotts, as she is getting ready to marry the Prince of France to save her country. There are enough assassination plots, conspiracies, and love triangles to get me pumped every Thursday. If I love the drama of the show, I love even more the outfits that Mary and the ladies in waiting wear. The costume designer has created amazing boho like looks for the girls. I’m crushing over their headbands and long skirts. I’m even working on learning how to do the decorated thin braids they always wear! The long patterned skirt, headband, and jewelry give off more of a royal look, where as the blouse and the flats/heels add a more modern flare to the outfit. I’m thinking that I am going to start adding both flats and heels to the outfits. I realize that some of you may not be allowed to wear heels yet or it might not even be your preference. So what do you prefer, flats or heels?

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