Justice League Worthy

Justice League Worthy teen fashion blog

Publishing the first post of my teen fashion blog made me feel both powerful and strong so as soon as I saw the sweater I knew I want it to create a Wonder Woman inspired outfit. Although I do have to admit that been out of school due to extreme cold weather helped me accomplish even more things. The color palette is obviously Wonder Woman, but the mixing of the two patterns it’s what I think makes this outfit stand out. Did you notice the two gold cuffs as well? I love the look of wearing the same bracelet in both arms, but a regular teenager on an allowance can’t usually afford that look. Even though the outfit will show a bit of stomach, it’s still done in an elegant way. I think this outfit would make any girl feel strong. The only thing I’m missing is the lasso of truth. Now between us, don’t you wish you had one to use on your boyfriend?

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